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OYBI (pronounced Oi-Bee) stands for Optimize Your Business Intelligence, we are a manufacturing consulting company that specializes in helping manufacturing companies optimize their ERP system to gain higher levels of performance, streamline operations, increase productivity, and drive more revenue to the bottom line.  We are the best at this because we do what others don't.  We bring together years of manufacturing consulting experience, with the technical capabilities of creative and skilled software developers.  This process allows us to be the very best Odoo Partner for Manufacturing.  

Especially for manufacturing companies serious about grow and wanting to be better than their competition.

We are one of the only completely U.S. Based Firms 

Focused on supporting U.S. Based Manufacturing.  

Why fight with time differences, language, or accent barriers?  Why bring any potential added areas of miscommunication when you are dealing with a system that is so vital and is absolutely mission critical to the success of your company.  Why add to any complications or issues that will arise?  If you are a manufacturing company in the United States and proud to be on the ones who keeps all production and sourcing of materials in the United States.  Isn't it equally important that your technical experts and any service providers are equally responsible about their staffing.   OYBI is 100% based with all employees, leadership, management, sales, marketing, development and accounting.  All right here in the United States.  99% of it in Michigan.



The nature of manufacturing today demand high performance solutions to allow any company to compete.  Your ERP is a system at the heart of your operation.  It is the one system that has to function at the highest levels all the time.  You rely on it to bring your teams together, to streamline your operation, to track performance and plan for the future.   Like any device it requires upgrades, maintenance, training and knowledge to get the most out of it.    High Performance systems require experts and specialists.  OYBI understands the needs of U.S. Manufacturing and bring more than 80 collective years of experience in Manufacturing, Sales, and ERP systems to solve your unique problems. 

Sales & Implementation

The right product installed by the right team.



Is the process of continuous improvement, development, and customization that tailors this ERP to the needs of your business.


Making stronger connections and improved functionality allowing you to save time and money on repeated actions.

Consulting and Bolt-Ons

Helping you understand and better utilize the information you are getting.  Saving you time and money by offering products developed from prior projects as bolt on performance upgrades to your system

Why Optimize with OYBI

Every single ERP system, no matter how expensive, or how all encompassing the demo was are built to hit 80% or less functionality out of the box.    This is how they make it meet the needs of more companies.   It is normal, not a fault or failure.    It is by design they expect for your to get 100% functionality out of it, that you will need to have it customized or tailored to the needs and demands of your specific business.

Just like you typically need to have suits altered as part of the buying process of getting a new suit.   The tailoring and altering will allow the suit to fit you and help you look and function your best when wearing it.    That is exactly the case with any ERP, and holds true with Odoo.  

 We work with our clients to optimize the system based upon their specific needs.

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Located in Ludington Michigan, United States

For many people they like to know their consulting company is more than just a sales office.  Our headquarters, development teams, and sales team is all located in beautiful Northern Michigan

We are here to help your company grow and hit new levels of success.


We are one of the only companies whose developers, management, and sales team are 100% based in the U.S. and will stay 100% based in the United States.  How can we support U.S. Based Manufacturing, be focused on helping grow the manufacturing industry and protecting American jobs if we outsource overseas like other companies.   We are here to support your company and your industry.